Johann Förster establishes the Förster Transport Company in 1946. In the early days he is traveling on horseback to transport flour from the mills of Marchfeld to Vienna. But soon the first truck comes into action.

Heinz Förster

In 1964 – twenty years after the company had been established – the son of Viktoria and Johann Förster joins the company after having successfully completed his apprenticeship as a tinsmith.


Johann Förster with a MAN truck on the previous company location in Aspern

Taking over management

In 1976 Heinz Förster takes over the management of the Förster company. His wife Eveline undertakes administrative tasks.


A Förster truck in a new look in front of the Viennese Stephansdom. The blue, white and blue colored design stays with the company until the early 2000s.

Robert is joining the company

Son Robert joins the company: After completing his Higher School Certificate at a commercial academy in Vienna, Robert joins the company in 1986. He is responsible for the vehicle fleet and the further evolution of the company in the future. 

Moving to Groß-Enzersdorf

In 1991 the company location in Aspern turns out to be too small for the company. Therefore it is being moved to a newly purchased business premise in Groß-Enzersdorf.


Eveline Förster at work in 1991

The Förster vehicle fleet in 1999


Company foundation of the Förster Transport and Trade GmbH with Robert Förster as the CEO. Starting of machinery transportations with only one truck.


Deep Frozen Transportation

In 2003 the Förster Company is taking over fine distribution for its client Daily Service in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. A second location becomes necessary because of sudden need for extra space, a handling hall as well as the availability for more infrastructure of cooling devices.

Investitions in IT

In 2003, telematics-systems are being installed in all vehicles and cooling devices. This benefits not only disposition - which can be carried out in a more efficient way - but also a better-controlled refrigeration chain. The Förster Company also invests in an online portal that is individually designed to fit the clients’ needs.


Taking over the Alfred Gamm Company

In 2005 we are taking over Alfred Gamm GmbH. This company is carrying out scheduled parcel services between hubs.


Project Medical

In 2009 we are opening a warehouse for a countrywide distribution of dressing materials including its transport from German production sites to Austria. At the same time we are shifting our existing computer system to a new system with the purpose of linking it to SAP systems. We are also adapting our company design the very same year.


Fusion of our two company sites

In 2010 we are strongly investing in the infrastructure on the main location in Groß-Enzersdorf. Concrete lots with heavy current power connectors and a ramp for cross docking are being set up. These measures enable us to merge the two company sites in Groß-Enzersdorf.


Cooperation with our Californian business partner

In 2014 Robert Förster jun. is working at Californian 4PL company Freight Management Inc. After his return, a cooperation is being established where both sides support each other regarding their logistics reports. The Förster Freight Management GmbH company is being established to provide IT services for internal and external clients.


Digital delivery note

In 2015 we are starting a process to implement a digital solution for our delivery notes. This system is developed by us partially and ensures full transparency in our clients’ flow of goods.


At the business run in Vienna in 2016

Company takeover

In 2016 we are taking over the Pircher&Pircher which was established in 1992 and today consists of 14 vehicles and 20 employees. Pircher is the leading expert for forklift transportation in Austria. The company location in Lieboch near Graz as well as the company name remain.