Our organizing talents

Robert Förster


Robert Förster

General Manager, IT and Project Management

Markus Scheller

General Manager, HR and Dispatch

Roswitha Möstl

General Manager Pircher&Pircher, Finances

Ines Bader

Machinery Disposition

Wolfgang Brückler

Machinery Disposition

Roman Hausgnost

Refrigeratory Disposition

Christoph Müllner

Software Developer

Thomas Schober

Management of Vehicle Fleet

Martin Thoma

Refrigeratory Disposition

Asraa Alyaseri

Machinery Disposition

Bernhard Punz

Software Developer

Sandra Müller


Our driving talents

Your order in good hands

Our 55 drivers are your extended arm to your clients. For you, they get through snow and ice with heavy loads of 40 tons as well as through the stressing city jungle or over the Alps. They know helpful tricks to encourage clients, get hold of loading areas or drive on streets that might be troubling even for passenger cars. They know what they are doing and they get better every day because of their experience out there in the wild, which is not possible in any office.