„Sustainability means to think about the end whatever we do.“ Eric Schweitzer

Sustainable Logistics 2030+

We are part of the "Sustainable Logistics 2030+ Lower Austria-Vienna" initiative. For more information see

Please find our certificate here: certificate

Sustainability begins long before transport

For us, sustainability is not only about reducing CO2 emissions by using up-to-date vehicles. As a family company, we enhance sustainable processes with

  • order intake: Orders are only accepted when they are economical in a sustainable way and if we have the possibility of performing them with a good conscience.
  • route planning: We are reducing ways by using strongly optimized route planning. Our dispatchers even go so far as to pay attention to all unloading site precautions to prevent any accidents due to traffic.
  • our employees: Our employees’ health is the most important thing. We cannot accept orders that might break social legislation or cause any other harm.
  • constant improvement: We constantly question our doing and look for smarter solutions for our tasks.
  • customer care: Together with our customers we constantly work on improvements in our daily cooperations to avoid mistakes as well as to enable fruitful collaborations for both sides.
  • the supply of our refrigeratory machines with electric power on-site. We run a 100 % on certified green power.

We would get it to you by bike – if it weren’t 20 tons.

To develop our transporting processes as sustainable as they can be, we are implementing the following measures:

  • Use of latest vehicles with today's most environment-friendly emission standard.
  • Use of modern refrigeratory machines: they reduce pollution and emissions as well as guarantee to maintain the right temperature even with frequent stops
  • Staff training: Trainings for saving gas are being performed regularly. Reports on their efficiency -transmitted via our telematics system – are being reviewed with supervisors on a regular basis
  • Use of e-mobility or alternative transport systems wherever possible