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We believe that technical innovations have changed our world in a very substantial way and will continue to do so. With our services we are trying to actively take up and shape new possibilities.


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Our services are designed to be approached via interfaces – mostly to avoid media discontinuities and to maximize efficiency in cooperation with our partners. That way you can send us automated requests or import the status quo of a transporter to your system. The following are different methods to link to your partners:

  • Link to our standardized SOAP-interface: We are offering a standard interface. Here you can find a definition of our interface.
  • Link to one of our partner’s interfaces. We will gladly implement your suggested interface.
  • Link to a customary interface: All EDI-interfaces as well as links to SAP-systems are possible with our system.

ETA calculation with real-time data

Every minute counts in distribution logistics. The availability of loading areas has to be ensured. Transferees of goods have to be prepared and the availability of goods has to be guarenteed – even with fewer storage space provided. We will inform you about the arrival time precisely to the minute.

  • One day before the tour starts we will calculate transit and stopping times and use the so-called „Protective Traffic Routing“ (traffic situation estimated statistically on your designated route based on the analysis of past data).
  • During the tour we will be constantly (every ten minutes) checking the actual status of our vehicle and calculating the estimated time of arrival at your unloading point on the basis of the current traffic situation.

Business Intelligence via FreDi

Using our online tool FreDi you have a full overview about all of your ongoing transports. We provide all data for you in so-called “cockpits”. In case you want to gain specific data from the system, we offer the possibility to combine data via our drag n’ drop option. Here are a few examples of our key figures:

  • Supply volume and costs per site and relation
  • Transportation costs per shipment type (for example the display of machines or new devices)
  • Different levels of service (consistent adherence of delivery periods, average duration of transportation, average lead times)

The smart delivery note

Digital delivery notes from handheld devices are already state-of-the-art in many areas of logistics, however not in the niche segment that we serve. Very often there happen to be individual requirements to handover processes that usually can’t be displayed on these systems. We are using a system which can be individually adapted to fit your company's corporate processes. For example, this way we are able to notify you directly (with an included photo) when a driver reports damage on one of our taken-over devices. However, if you still wish to work on paper during the handover process, we can manage this with mobile printers in the vehicles that communicate with our tablets.

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Automatic route planning as a service

We combine automatic route planning – finely tuned to your needs – with the long term experience of our planners. Just send us your raw data and we will plan your orders within all restrictions, no matter if it is your own fleet of vehicles or an external vehicle pool. .

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Individual project development

Special requirements need special solutions. If we should not be able to meet your requirements the convential way, we offer a solution to define your individual process. For example we have created a solution to enter value entries of fork-lifts. When taking over the device, a document is being automatically generated which you will be needing for the authorisation of the vehicle in Austria.