Project logistics and Special tours

If it's really, really important

designated contact partner for your shipment

vehicle delivering your goods to their final destination without intermediate reloading

direct access to our system to live-track all of your parameters


Fast, spontaneous, complicated or valuable? We love it!

Six tons of deep-frozen pharmaceuticals have to be in France by tomorrow? Get one complete load of hazardous goods as soon as possible to Switzerland? Deliver one swap-body with technical equipment to the port of Monaco? A big event in need of festivity inventory? Send instruments to Venice? We are excited for your request - even if it could make our most-experienced planners sweat.

  • Direct access to our telematics-system including cooling supervision
  • Very short-term availability of our equipment
  • One contact partner who is permanently monitoring your transport and available in any case of need
  • Use of our own equipment and staff – that way we guarantee direct routes and a quick response time
  • A two-drivers-crew upon request