Machinery logistics

The easy and safe way to transport your forklifts, construction machines and communal vehicles

machines moved per year

vehicles utilized for machinery transportation

maximum covered loading height in mm

workdays maximum transit time in eastern Austria

Especially high / wide or long but most notably sensitive

Especially forklifts, communal vehicles and all other types of machinery - like for example lawn-machinery - have specific requirements for its means of transport. These products are sensitive when it comes to weather conditions but obviously have dimensions that cannot be transported in a standard semi-trailer. Additionally, being able to load from ground levels is a major requirement. We provide a solution:

  • Various vehicles for all purposes in transportation of machinery. They range from a basic van up to ultra-heavy load transport vehicles
  • Low bed curtain-side trailers with an interior vehicle height of up to 3.75 meters for safe and neat transportation of your machinery protected under cover
  • Loading ramps enabling machinery with various track widths up to 21 tons for loading and discharge at ground level
  • Tail-lifts with a lifting power up to 9 tons
  • Cable winches for loading machinery unfit to drive

It’s your choice: Very fast and fairly cheap or fairly fast and very cheap

Our standard transit times (being defined as the time between clearance of your machine and the latest possible delivery) is defined as follows:

  • • Eastern Austria: 3 workdays
  • Western Austria: 5 workdays

Of course we also provide faster services upon request (for example for rented devices or in the event of failure of a machine).

The value we deliver

We see ourselves as an extension of your customers. Therefore…

  • We rely on long-term experienced and sympathetic co-workers that truly identify with their jobs.
  • We use equipment especially designed for machinery transports – this is how we avoid damages caused by transport.
  • We offer extra services like a detailed training session for your customers on-site, performed by our staff.

A strong family

In 2016, the Pircher& Pircher GmbH based in Lieboch near Graz, became a member of the Förster family. Together we are Austria’s largest supplier of forklift transportation.