Scheduled Services

With swap-bodies and semi-trailers just-in-time

Journeys around the earth per year


Maximal length of a swap-body in mm

Minimal parking height in mm

Rely on us

Unfortunately in the event of failure of scheduled services high costs may easily occur (for example in the event of dwell times). We know the specific requirements well enough and have adapted our processes to meet them:

  • You can reach our disposition 24/7
  • All vehicles are under service and maintenance contracts
  • We have excellent up-to-date and reliable equipment

Extremely versatile vehicle fleet

Our vehicle fleet allows the admission of various swap-bodies; furthermore we have our very own refigeratory and box truck at your disposal.

  • Possible swap-body lengths from 7.15 up to 7.82 meters
  • Possible parking height from to 1020 to 1320 millimeters
  • All vehicles and trailers are equipped with tail-lifts with a maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 2 tons
  • Vehicles and drivers are trained and prepared for the transport of hazardous goods
  • Partial use of our “Motoc” locking system (the vehicle is equipped with an automatic pneumatic safety locking mechanism for the swap body)

And if something still doesn’t work out as planned…

To ensure the high availability of our vehicle fleet, preventive maintenance is an absolute must for us. Besides having our own technical team on hand, we are able to reach a broad network of national and international specialist workshops and emergency services in case of an emergency 24/7. If the issues can’t be fixed on-site, we are providing replacement vehicles. Of course our clients will be notified immediately about any incidents as well as constantly updated about all on-going progress.